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Meet the cast of DAZE Vol. Too (sic) Nonsense.

Jackson Rathbone
Rathbone signed onto Disney's 411. He had a leading role in the ABC Family show Beautiful People, which premiered in fall 2005 and the second half of the first season began in spring 2006. Currently featured in the “Twilight” series and starring in “The Last Airbender”, Jackson balances his time with other feature parts ( “Girlfriend” and “Truckstop”) but also performing in his band 100 Monkeys.

Gary Busey
Busey's first film appearance was as a biker in the low-budget Angels Hard as They Come (1971) and, over the next few years, he landed several film roles generally as a country hick/redneck or surly, rebellious types. His real breakthrough came in the dynamic 1978 film The Buddy Holly Story (1978), with Busey taking the lead role as Buddy Holly, in addition to playing guitar and singing all the vocals! His stellar performance scored him a Best Actor nomination and the attention of Hollywood taking overcasting agents.
He played the brutal assassin "Mr. Joshua" trying to kill L.A. cops Mel Gibson and Danny Glover in the runaway mega-hit Lethal Weapon (1987). Further strong roles followed, including alongside Danny Glover once again in Predator 2 (1990). He was back on the beaches, this time tracking bank robbers with FBI agent Keanu Reeves, in Point Break (1991) and nearly stole the show as a psychotic Navy officer in league with terrorists led by Tommy Lee Jones taking over the USS Missouri in the highly popular Under Siege (1992).

AJ Lamas

Alisa Reyes

Leslie Easterbrook ... Countess Salience Van Wickenstein
Richard Moll ... Mr. Isoherranen
Bubba Smith ... Bubba
Barbara Nedeljakova ... Foreign Girl 1 / Foreign Girl 2
Kyrie Maezumi ... Desdemona
Andrew Koenig ... Vice Chancellor
Patrick Kilpatrick ... Dr - Rutherford B. Hogjaw Twaddle
Danny Cooksey ... Clearberg
April Winchell ... Hodgemeyer
Sofia Shinas ... Rosabel
Ben Graupner ... Archie
Marion Ramsey ... Ms. Thenusda Norbuckle
Shelly Martinez ... Vampire
Rodney To ... Thing 1 / Thing 2
Eddie Pepitone ... Harrold Fluxemburg
Meredith Thomas ... Cpt. Zezose Fadak
Lee Perkins ... Archduke Bartimus Barwitch
Joshua Weinstein ... Count Bron Schrnardech
Kelli McNeil ... Madame Agathangelos
Lawrence Abrams ... Uncle Larry
CC Fontana ... CC
Max HuberJana Vicktor ... Vampire